Digital Mundane

Digital Mundane

 Virginia Kuhn + Amber Bowyer

The Digital Mundane: you’re soaking in it! But in the interest of slow scholarship, toward more perfect slow media, and as an investment in expanding feminist media praxis, we transform the discourse of productivity suffusing the soup of the digital mundane into weightless, bubbling potentiality. It is our micro manifesto that access, manipulation, and throughput of media objects should be lightweight processes that support expression without bending to technocracy.

And by harnessing the means of production and using tools in ways that often push back against their intended purpose, we establish a critical type of creative practice. Below are some tools and tactics that exemplify this approach.

SnapNDrag:  While there are many tools for capturing screen shots, this one allows you to control the size, quality and format of an image capture in a matter of moments. The outputs can combine to form a larger collaged image, skirting the need for image editing software.  The downside: it’s Mac only.

Ransom Note Generators: These create texts that lie at the boundary of word and image. There are many of these so doing a search is best. Once you create your ransom note, use SnapNDrag to capture it and add it to your larger text (as we did for the title image above).

Spreeder: Spreeder is an online speed reading tool that can be easily customized with your own text and how it scrolls across the page. You can also control font and color. This is a far easier way to create texts for remix videos than to do it natively in video editing platforms such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, programs which,  although image and sound friendly, are typically not amenable to words.