Collaborative Pedagogy

My roommate in grad school had a quip she would use whenever I would ask her if she had read a particular text. “Read it?” she’d reply, “I haven’t even taught it yet!”

This a line I have since borrowed and used again and again with friends and colleagues who teach at the college level. The laugh of recognition I am used to hearing speaks to the universal experience of never feeling like we have quite enough time to properly design and develop our syllabi. We often work alone, and scramble to figure out how to assemble the necessary resources; the execution is often trial and error.

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But what if we worked together to create and share feedback on our syllabi? What would it look like to slow down the process of developing courses, assignments, and class activities? What are the potentials for collaboration for educators and students? What resources might we share across institutions? What technologies might we employ towards this effort?

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FemTechNet offers some opportunities and resources for thinking collaboratively. Here is an example of one of the collective’s efforts:

What other models are available to us?


About vacall

Vicki Callahan AKA DJ Zoe Trop is a media activist and scholar. She is a Professor at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in the Division of Media Arts + Practice. Her research and teaching is focused on the integration of theory and practice with attention to issues in film and media history, feminist studies, digital culture, media strategies for social change, and public scholarship. She is author of Zones of Anxiety: Movement, Musidora, and the Crime Serials of Louis Feuillade (WSUP 2005), editor for the collection, Reclaiming the Archive: Feminism and Film History (WSUP 2010), and co-editor with Virginia Kuhn for the recently published collection, Future Texts: Subversive Performance and Feminist Bodies (Parlor Press 2015). Currently, she is completing work on a monograph on the silent film star, Mabel Normand. With Sarah Atkinson, she is co-authoring, Transmedia: Critical Perspectives on a New Creative and Social Economy (WSUP, 2017). During the summer 2015 Dr. Callahan was a NEH fellow for the inaugural workshop, “Scholarship in Sound and Image,” on Videographic Criticism at Middlebury College, and during the autumn semester she was in residence at University College Cork, Ireland as a Fulbright Scholar with a focus on digital media praxis. She Co-Chaired the SCMS Women’s Caucus from 2014-2016. She is the author and organizer of the collaborative website, Feminism 3.0. With Lina Srivastava, she co-authored the site transmedia, and she is developing the Transmedia Database site with Sarah Atkinson, Jeff Aldrich, Robert Foster. Her teaching blog is DJ Zoe Trop,, where you can find several course blog sites or course summaries.
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